Application Integration

Web Publishing Tools, Techniques and Methods

A new generation of Web Authoring Tools are available that have the ability to build websites that can electronically integrate with other websites over the Internet using XML messages.

For example, a company that sells widgets internationally might want to display widget prices on their website in a foreign currencies.

Because currencies fluctuate daily, it is difficult to provide accurate foreign currency prices without some integration.

Using a Web Publishing Tool that supports a technology called XML, a corporate website can communicate with a web server (e.g. hosted by a bank) to obtain the required exchange rate in real-time.

Web Publishing

The website can then apply the real-time exchange rate to compute the cost of the widget in the required foreign currency and display the correct price of the widget on the website.

XML web services play a key role in helping companies that use different technologies and different platforms to integrate electronically via the Internet.

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