Website Consistency

Web Publishing Tools, Techniques and Methods

When designing a website, it is important that each web page in the web adheres to a consistent design format.  Not only does does this improve the website aesthetics, the consistency and predictability makes navigation and site usage easier for visitors.

The use of background images, colors, fonts, menus, etc. should be set once and applied consistently throughout the website.

A good web publishing application will provide functionality that supports and promotes website consistency.  This is achieved through the creation and use of common components that are incorporated into each web page in the website.

For example, common headers, footers, graphics, font sets and backgrounds should to be defined once and reused throughout the web.

Common Components

Web Publishing Tools achieve achieve consistency by leveraging technologies such as CSS style sheets and embedded pages.

When selecting a Web Publishing Tool, the ability to reuse components is an important feature to look for.

It is equally important that all people engaged in a web publishing project make use of common components that are built.

It is easy to build a poor website with a great web authoring tool!

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