Advanced Hosting

Web Publishing Tools, Techniques and Methods

Organizations can expect to pay more for advanced website hosting services and features.  Unless you required advanced web server functionality, there is no need to have it.

Advanced Web Hosting Services

Examples of advanced web hosting features include the following:

  • ecommerce capabilities (e.g. shopping carts, credit card transactions)
  • database management capabilities (e.g. MySQL, SQL Server)
  • scripting languages needed for dynamic page generation (e.g. ASP, ASPX, PHP)
  • sophisticated website analytics software
  • ability to host multiple websites in one web hosting package.

The one service that is often not provided with inexpensive business web hosting packages is good 24/7 technical support.

Businesses sometimes encounter minor problems when they initially publish their website.  These problems can be quickly resolved with the assistance of knowledgeable technical support person.  Unfortunately, many business web hosting companies provide poor service.

Long telephone queues, inexpensive technical staff, long turn-around times can be extremely frustrating and time consuming for small businesses.  Good technical support is service worth paying for.

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