B2B Web Services

Web Publishing Tools, Techniques and Methods

Business to Business (B2B) web services are used to help organizations interact with their suppliers or business partners.

Business to Business Web Services (B2B)

B2B web services require that the other organization be authenticated in order to access or change data.  Data could include inventory data, invoice status or any other information that needs to be shared.

The web hosting service used must support user authentication and secured access (SSL - Secured Access Layer).

Many organizations use XML web services to integrate their systems with those of their business partners.  This allows application systems  to "talk" to one another via the Internet using a non-proprietary computer language called XML.

XML web services have revolutionized the way that organizations integrate with one another.  To deploy a web service, special XML web hosting capabilities are required.  This allows one business to "publish" information to a web server and for an authorized business partners to "subscribe" to that web service.

Organizations can either provide XML web services free of charge or they charge al subscription or usage fee.  Companies that lead in this field include Amazon and Google.

With the appropriate web hosting architecture, small business can implement XML web services.

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