Domain Names

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Organizations that want to implement a website require a "web address" or Internet Domain Name.  Most web hosting companies sell domain names for a nominal cost or provide them free with the business web hosting services they offer.

Domain Names

There are two types of top level domain names or "TLDs": national domain names and generic domain names.

National TLDs are websites such as those that end in ".us" (United States), ".ca" (Canada) or ".de" (Germany).  Generic TLDs are those that end in ".com", ".net" or ".info".

Unfortunately, it is often difficult for an organization to obtain a good domain name.  Many of the best names were purchased years ago.  Although it is possible to buy one from another individual or organization, the cost of procurement can be high.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great domain names available in TLDs (top level domains) other than ".com", ".net". and ".org". 

If the web hosting company you use does not sell domain names for the high level domain that you prefer, there is no problem purchasing the domain you want from another domain registration company and then "pointing" it to the web server where your your website is hosted. 

Any domain name can be hosted in any country.  For example, a ".ca" domain name can be hosted on a physical server in the USA.

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