Ecommerce Websites

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Electronic Commerce or "ecommerce" involves the buying and selling of products and services online.

Ecommerce Websites

Many web hosting companies provide the hardware, software and technical architecture needed to support secured ecommerce transactions.  They often provide the turnkey solutions and tools needed to set-up and customize the ecommerce application.

Turnkey ecommerce applications do a number things:

  1. allow products and services to be added to an online store
  2. allow the user interface to be customized (e.g. color, font, logos, graphics)
  3. provide e-shopping cart functionality for shopping
  4. authenticate visitors using User IDs and passwords
  5. perform credit card and/or debit card transaction
  6. notify appropriate parties when an ecommerce transaction occurs (e.g. shipping, accounting)

If you require ecommerce functionality on your website, it is important to find a reliable web hosting service.

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