Email Management

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Most web hosting packages provide email management capabilities.  The sophistication of the email services depends on the web hosting package you purchase.

Email Management

Examples of available functionality includes the following:

  • Ability to set-up multiple e-mail addresses for your domain
  • Ability to define rules to filter out spam mail
  • Ability to send or view email from a web-based application
  • Ability to manage email using a desktop application (e.g. Outlook)
  • Ability to respond to emails with predefined acknowledgements
  • Ability to store large volumes of emails on the mail server
  • Ability to generate emails from data entered in an electronic form

Organizations that wish to include an email address on their website (e.g. for data entered forms, e-mail box) ought to use a "disposable" email address as such addresses are often picked up and used for spam purposes.

If you encounter serious spam issues, you can easily change the email address and use a different "disposable" email address.

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