Website Design

Web Publishing Tools, Techniques and Methods

There are basic design principles that should be adopted when designing an organization's website.

Website Design

Fundamental website design rules include the following:

  1. Establish website standards regarding color, fonts, graphics etc.
  2. Adopt a simple, intuitive website navigation approach.
  3. Use shared borders, headers, footers and other shared components for consistency
  4. Design your site for different screen sizes and web browsers.
  5. Make your website mobile-friendly.
  6. Keep images and other file sizes small, allowing pages to load quickly.
  7. Provide a simple site map and/or site search capabilities.
  8. Keep the website content up-to-date. Remove obsolete content
  9. Eliminate nuisance "dead links".
  10. Avoid "frames", "pop-up" windows and other annoying design techniques.
  11. Provide engaging content that encourages your visitors to return.

In addition to finding a reliable web host that can provide great performance and reliable service, good website development software is also needed to generate and maintain an attractive and well-coded website.

Many good web development applications are available.  Some are provided with free with web hosting packages.  Others can be purchased, downloaded and installed on your computer.

A good web creation package helps an organization develop a website that meets the design objectives listed above.  It also simplifies the ongoing maintenance and evolution effort and will reduces the overall cost of ownership.

The more sophisticated packages web creation packages can help you deploy complex e-business and data-driven capabilities.

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